Making NHS services seamless, modern and easier to access

A major part of improving how NHS services work for patients now, and in the future, includes sharing and using data better, and improving how the local NHS uses digital technology.

This includes sharing patients’ records between doctors and other care providers, installing WiFi at GP surgeries and NHS buildings, and helping local NHS IT systems ‘talk’ to one another better.

We’re also testing and using ways of getting access to advice and treatment, which patients will be able to do from their smart phones or tablets. This will include helping people decide which services they need, where they can get help, and seeing health professionals quickly. This means, locally, people will be able to use new services such as the NHS appNHS 111 Online and eConsult.

It is important to note that digital changes to health will not replace interaction with your GP, nurse or other health professional. It is about helping you to see the right person at the right time.

Until recently, different healthcare providers – such as GPs and hospitals – didn’t share lots of detailed information about patients. Sharing data – always safely and securely – improves care, makes it safer and gets patients the best treatment at the right time.We are working on several projects – notably shared patient records and helping IT systems work together – to make sure patients in Hampshire and on the Isle of Wight always receive the best care possible.




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Your GP surgery has probably told you there is now another way of booking an appointment with your doctor, a nurse or someone else from the surgery, right?

Since 2018, most GP surgeries across Hampshire and Isle of Wight have been offering an option for you go to their website and book an appointment or to get advice on a number of medical conditions. You may hear this option being referred to as ‘eConsult’ or ‘online consultation’.

Using this eConsult will save you time and effort. You can contact your GP at a time most convenient for you, as long as you’ve got a device that allows you to go on the internet.

On this page, you will find even more information about eConsult or online consultation.

What is eConsult (or online consultation)?
eConsult is a digital platform that enables patients to self-manage and consult online with their own GP through their practice website. eConsult provides the following features:

  • Alternative access for patients to consult with their GP
  • Better health outcomes through earlier detection of significant symptoms and earlier intervention
  • Better practice efficiency with more focused use of clinical capacity, shorter waiting times and fewer requests for GP appointments
  • Cost efficiency as fewer patients attend urgent care settings such as walk-in centres
  • A safe, convenient way for patients to self- manage or consult with their own GP

Is my information safe?
When you fill in an online form to consult with your doctor, your information is very safe. Only your own GP surgery will see the information. You can also keep all records of the online forms you have submitted.

How do I access eConsult?
Visit your GP practice website and click on the eConsult banner that says ‘Contact our doctors online’.

I don’t have access to the Internet?
Patients who do not have access to the internet are still able to contact the practice reception team over the phone.

What about the elderly?
Elderly patients who have access to the internet can use the service otherwise they can call the practice as usual on the practice telephone number.

What about my child/someone I am caring for?
Parents /Guardians are able to do an eConsult on behalf of their children aged 6 months and above. Carers/parents will receive a call back or an appointment to close off the eConsult.

But I need to be seen?
Your eConsult will be reviewed by a clinician and if you need to be seen you will be given an appointment.

I completed an eConsult and I was advised to contact the practice for an urgent appointment?
This happens when a patient reports symptoms that suggest they are too unwell for the eConsult system. Please follow your normal practice procedure for issuing out appointments.

I have an administrative request.
You can submit admin requests by visiting our website, go to the eConsult banner and select administrative requests.

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