Information Governance related policies / documentation which have been ratified for use by the CCG Governing Body can be found here:


Title Filename Date Posted Size
PDF file icon Confidentiality and Safe Haven Policy Confidentiality_and_Safe_Haven_Policy.pdf 08/03/2024 0.31 MB
PDF file icon Data Protection Impact Assessment Framework Data_Protection_Impact_Assessment_Framework.pdf 11/12/2023 0.24 MB
PDF file icon Fair Processing Notice Fair_Processing_Notice.pdf 11/12/2023 0.26 MB
PDF file icon Individual Rights Policy Individual_Rights_Policy.pdf 11/12/2023 0.30 MB
PDF file icon Information Governance Incident Management and Reporting Procedure Information_Governance_Incident_Management_and_Reporting_Procedure.pdf 11/12/2023 0.68 MB
PDF file icon Information Governance Management Framework and Strategy Information_Governance_Management_Framework_and_Strategy.pdf 11/12/2023 0.36 MB
PDF file icon Information Governance Policy Information_Governance_Policy.pdf 11/12/2023 0.29 MB
PDF file icon Information Risk Management Programme Information_Risk_Management_Programme.pdf 11/12/2023 0.17 MB
PDF file icon Records Management Policy Records_Management_Policy.pdf 11/12/2023 0.43 MB

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