We have plans to make better use of the Royal South Hants Hospital site.

Since it was first set up in the 1830s, the Royal South Hants Hospital (RSH) has been a much loved and vitally important component of Southampton’s health care infrastructure. 

With a number of buildings currently unused or in need of updating, we want to use this opportunity create a modern integrated Health and Care Campus to support patients across the city.  With unused land also existing at the Western Community Hospital, there is the additional opportunity to co-locate a number of older person’s services on one site and provide extra space for health and care facilities on the RSH site. Central to the plans are the proposed relocation of two Rehabilitation Wards for Older People from the RSH to a new 50-bed ward block at the Western Community Hospital. 

Our aims are:

  • To prioritise and future proof the delivery of clinical services within the Mary Seacole Wing and the continuing clinical services at Antelope House
  • To repurpose the RSH site and deliver a primary care and Primary Care Network (PCN) facility, a nursing home, Housing-with-care and NHS key worker homes.

We will be keeping local residents up to date on this project as it progresses.

Health and care organisations in Southampton continue to work together and implement the city’s Five-Year Health and Care Strategy (2020-2025). 

The strategy aims are around reducing inequalities and confronting deprivation, tackling the city’s biggest killers, working with people to build resilient communities and live independently, improving mental and emotional wellbeing, improving earlier help, care and support and improving joined-up, whole-person care.

A huge amount of progress has been made in the first and second years of implementing the strategy, which includes:

  • New mental health support teams in the city’s schools
  • A newly established children’s acute psychiatric liaison service
  • Working with local charity No Limits, youth worker support is now available in Southampton’s A&E
  • Specialised parenting programmes for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder have been introduced, and expanding these for parents of children with ADHD is being assessed
  • The start of the Children’s Hospital at Home service
  • Over 4,000 lung health checks completed to help detect lung cancer in 55-74 year-olds as part of the city’s Lung Health Checks pilot
  • More dementia friendly places are now in place in Southampton
  • More support for care homes in place, including digital and clinical support
  • A 24/7 telephone palliative care helpline is now in place for patients, families and professionals in the city, as well as access to rapid response 24-hour advice and support
  • Bereavement care is now available to patients and families beyond those known to our end-of-life services provided by Mountbatten Hampshire. Bereavement support has also been funded to support all residential care home staff that have been impacted by the pandemic.

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