Sensor based falls prevention technology can be used in care homes to provide non-invasive, remote monitoring to help prevent and reduce falls.  Falls are one of the most common challenges facing care homes and clever uses of technology can be harnessed to carry out round the clock monitoring of a resident remotely.  These sensor based systems can immediately alert care staff of a resident being at risk of a fall, or of any deteriorations and abnormalities, which means that they are able to ensure resident safety.

The use of remote monitoring technologies can also ensure that a resident gets a restful night's sleep as in many cases night time checks on residents may no longer be required.

Sensor based falls prevention technology comes in many forms, these include:

Nursecall Systems can be used to connect Digital Call bells to Digital Social Care Records and allow alerts to be sent to handheld devices such as mobile phones or similar that care staff may be carrying.  Nursecall systems can alert care staff as soon as a resident presses the assistance button and can help direct that carer to the specific resident's room, rather than having to check in the office to find out which room they need to go to.  

The way that Nursecall systems are set up can vary between Digital Social Care Record systems, but many of them have built in escalation functions that will trigger additional alerts if a alarm has not been responded to with a certain time range.  

To find out more about Nursecall, please contact your Digital Social Care Record software provider and they should be able to give you more information about how you could go about getting it set up.

Acoustic monitoring systems listens and monitors a resident while they sleep and they alert care workers on a mobile device, such as a phone when an unusual noise is detected.  These systems can learn a resident’s sleeping pattern and as a result, will learn what are ‘normal’ sleeping noises such as the noise of someone getting out of bed, having a fall or of a person in distress.  Acoustic monitoring systems have been used in Care Homes for more than 5 years and in fact, one study found that there was a 34% drop in falls at night due to the use of such a system.

Companies offering Acoustic Monitoring Solutions include:

Ally Acoustic Monitoring

CLB Acoustic Monitoring

We welcome and invite care providers to pilot these solutions.

Thermal imaging cameras can use artificial intelligence to identify movement in a Resident’s room.  If the movement is judged to be a potentially unsafe, such as if a Resident is appearing to be getting out of bed, or falling, the system will alert Care Workers so that they can pay a visit to the room and check that the Resident is safe.

Companies offering thermal imaging solutions include:

Rinicare SAFE 

Wearable technology, such as 'smart socks' can be worn by a resident and used to identify if they are are in an unsafe position in bed or are getting up, these sensors can be used to trigger alarms for care workers so that they can check on the resident.

Companies offering wearable technology include:

Palarum Pup Smart Socks

There a number of products currently on the market that monitor a person through a number of sensors, using the whole range of sensors from movement, thermal, acoustic and additional sensors such as heart rate monitoring.  These products can, in some cases also provide a range of additional monitoring such as heart rate monitoring.

Companies offering falls prevention solutions with multiple sensors include:

My Quality of Life

Technical Care Solutions


If your Adult Social Care Organisation is considering purchasing any of these technologies listed above, you may want to consider applying for 100% funding for 12 months through the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Adult Social Care Technology fund.  If your application is successful, this fund will cover the cost of the purchase and implementation and any monthly costs of the technology for the first 12 months of its use.  To find out more about the fund, click here.  

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